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Welcome to VolunteerSeeker.ca where we believe that intelligent, thoughtful volunteers supporting dedicated, hardworking staff are the key to effective charities, associations and not-for-profits

Volunteers can be your number one asset, but they must be the right volunteers recruited in a manner that does not consume the organizationís scarce resources of time and dollars.

VolunteerSeeker.ca is dedicated to helping Charity, Association and not-for-profit managers and their boards find the right volunteers for your organization more efficiently and more effectively saving you time, energy and money.

The problem with the traditional volunteer search process is that it is a time consuming process that, more often than not, creates a need for plenty of face-to-face interviews but finds few qualified prospects.

VolunteerSeeker.ca is an efficient way to find the prospects whose interests, skills and learning style are the best fit for the volunteer positions in your organization.† This proven process will save your organization money and, more importantly, the time of the staff and volunteers who must interview each prospective volunteer.† It will help you find more volunteers, increase the productivity of your volunteers and decrease your organizationís volunteer turnover.